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So I have been looking to replace a rather nasty monopod that I have (was used with a compact camera and cannot support my SLR). And being that I have had such a wonderful experience with my Bogen Manfrotto 3021 legs and 388 ball head I decided to check out their range. Two requirements above all else was that I could continue to use my RC2 quick release plates with the head and that it was at least 60 inches high.

After looking at a few I decided on the 679 with 3229 Swivel head and I have to say I am way impressed, absolutely feels rock solid and my Digital SLR with medium telephoto feels very secure on it. Coming in at under $100 for both I recommend this setup to anyone looking for a easy to carry stable platform, you’re picture sharpness and telephoto lenses will thank you for it 🙂

And who knows, should you end up somewhere with very unhappy large animals wanting to taste a photographer or someone one wanting to borrow that nice camera from you for an extended period 😉 it may just act as a nice baseball bat 🙂

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