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I have been a long time user of the My Book range of drives and they have been excellent. So when I needed yet more external backup space I went out and brought the 500gb USB 2 version. And oh my god talk about troubles, I tried multiple partition layouts, file system formats, Mac and PC and every time I reached 128gb of files it would stop and give me I/O errors.

Well after much (and I do mean much, as in 2 days of testing and research and a replacement drive) it turns out that some of the range have controller problems and Western Digital know about it. That and finding lots of users with the same problem, so my advice is this. Don’t get this particular drive in the product line and if you get one test it quickly in case you need to return it.

I guess now I’ll try the Hitachi or Seagate series. It seems every few years you have to change to another manufacture as these drive issues always seem to be a cycle 😦


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