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OK so here’s the back fill, I have to vent on this as it was unreal. First drive was a 500gb MyBook Essentials by Western Digital, it had some write issues…see my previous post. So I go back to Best Buy and get a replacement….same problem, so I go back to Best Buy again and this time get a Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500gb. Get home… won’t power up at all, I go back to Best Buy and exchange it this time asking them to power it up in the store and it does (geek squad desk was free). However upon getting home and not getting any machines to see it I call Seagate (and get transferred abroad) and they say “Oh yeah the orange flashing light means the drive is dead”. So I GO BACK to Best Buy AGAIN for the 4th time (pretty unhappy at this point). And explain to them that enough is enough and I want my money back. I can tell by this point they are thinking it’s me, and don’t blame them because this is beyond belief at this point!

So in desperation I go to Circuit City, pay more and get another Seagate FreeAgent Pro, get home and the thing works fantastic!

The interesting questions raised here are,

1. Two manufactures bad stock at the same store, sounds like a store problem to me or quality control at the stocking end, I stopped thinking it was bad luck with a batch of drives after I tried two very different manufactures.
2. Each of the 3 Seagate FreeAgent Pro drives are slightly different externally, in fact the working one is very different. Just how many versions of the same product are out there?
3. Will I ever go back to BestBuy!…not any time soon thats for certain, cost me days of time to solve this problem and I’m way less than happy about it.

Anyways, if it had not of happened to me, I’d have a real hard time believing the story. But trust me when I say I have lots of hardware experience and treat all drives like babies and in no way was it me.


    • Keagen
    • Posted September 15, 2007 at 10:31 am
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    Can you describe the differences please?
    In particular, what should I look for to get one that works?

  1. Sure,

    The Seagate drive that I eventually got that works only has the glowing yellow light along the side of the box, the version I brought at Best Buy had the glowing light go along the side and across the top. I do not know which is the newer of the two designs.

    As far as being able to tell which one works, I am afraid it is a trial and error process :(. I suspect that I just hit some bad batches in Best Buy, as I have brought many a My Book in there that worked fine until now.

    Given that Western Digital admitted they knew of a problem I would assume that by now they have a fix in place and that the bad versions are slowly (if not already) moving out of circulation and being replaced with stock that works.

    Does that help in anyway?

    Thanks for the question,
    Peter Witham

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