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Strange title I know, but maybe not. See I have been consdering whether the new latest and greatest is something we all really need or can we live without it. A tip here, don’t ask the marketing people.

The reason I ask this is because overtime I have wondered if my creativity is enhanced, expanded or inspired by the new version of some application, or a faster CPU, or a quicker camera lens. And I suspect we all know the answer is no. But yet we’ll buy it anyway!

Over the many years that I’ve been doing my web, photography or design work there is no doubt in my mind that more time has become dedicated to maintaining the tools of my trades rather than helping me spend more time being creative. There is always some patch or another that needs installing, or researching thru books and web sites as to why some line of code does not work as it should. These are all things that get in the way of the creative flow.

A good example here is the fact that one of my personal favorite photographs I took many years ago with a small point and shoot 110 camera. At that time I understood hardly anything about depth of field, which lens to use, what ISO to use, rule of thirds or which company made the best developing chemical. All I cared about was getting the photograph, and I suspect now that if I could re-gain that philosophy and not let the technical details get in the way I might just shoot more keeps than dumpers. Should I dump a picture just because I messed up the ISO and it has too much noise? these are questions I should not even be considering with an artistic eye.

Perhaps what I will try is giving myself a ‘creative day’ where I say to hell with the rules and best practices and just go for it.

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