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Suffering from a creative down turn lately I started to wonder the question of whether or not there something I can do to turn it around?. I have yet to find the answer!

I have found that when creativity or the inspiration to create is lost there is very little I can do to magically bring it back. For the most part it falls into two areas.

1. I need to be creative professionally.
This requires me to continue to crunch through the problem of finding inspiration and producing something. For the most part it works to get the job done but not to the level that I aspire too.

2. I need to be creative because I do.
This would be anything that is not ‘the day job’. And the hardest one to overcome, I have folders full of creative projects I started and decided to leave for one reason or another. Sometimes it can be an annoying coding problem that stops the project dead in it’s tracks (like Flash socket servers are doing to me right now) or it can be just one of those ‘I don’t like this’ kinda of days that all artists seem to have now and again. When it comes to the freedom of time to create and a deadline is not the ‘get it done’ solver that you have for work this can be the most annoying road block. And most of the time I just have to stop and wait for it to pass.

So I ask you all, where do you go to find inspiration when it’s lost? Do you run to the list of cool web sites you have bookmarked, do you open a book of photographs, do you read a favorite poem or story, do you go to a gallery to admire some paintings or sculptures, do you break out the music CD’s or do you wait for the block to pass and inspiration to return the creative flow?

Maybe I’ll sleep on it and see if it’s there waiting for me in the morning.


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