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        I think it was, and seems several others are now thinking the same. The rebate and letter from Apple’s CEO was all planned, think about it why wouldn’t it be? The amount of attention the media has given the price drop and angry customers is a marketing dream because at the same time the stories will mention the new iPod range. And then comes in the savior offering a leaf from the branch to settle them down. The only question I have is, did they expect the stock value to drop so sharply and have planned a recovery for it.

        It really seems to me that a company that is guided by the obsession of control and lets be honest self gratification from the CEO would not make a stupid mistake that many claim this new price structure to be.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac, iPod and in general the Apple product range. Apples hardware and software I think is outstanding in a world of bland electronics and half hacked software applications, but that doesn’t me I won’t question everything it does


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