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You can probably tell that I don’t care for it

But seriously, it is terrible. And changing the logo so quickly after the recent re-branding of icons for the entire Adobe product range leaves me wondering who is running the show there these days. Folks….get the damn marketing idiots out of the decision making process! Changing it so quickly suggests indecision and lack of product directional focus, it is never good to change something that quickly because it says ‘we clearly did not think thru the last re-branding and have decided to try again, but we might change our minds yet again’. The new logo has to be seen to be disbelieved, I see what they are trying to do and say, but they forget that we are talking about ‘THE’ design application often considered a standard and that means it should look better than something anyone could throw together in about 5 minutes with a preset layer style. I am not saying it should be overly complex or clever, but it should suggest an understanding of what you are trying to say about the application.

Anyways, if you’re eyes can suffer the pain of seeing it take a look at this post by John Nack (sorry John, I’m not blaming you).

It is a sad day when Adobe’s application branding starts to look as bad as Microsoft’s best efforts. Hell it makes the Silverlight logo look good!


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    • Rheta Schoeneman
    • Posted September 28, 2007 at 4:27 am
    • Permalink

    Dito. I do not trust Adobe anymore. Not only logos by money managers not designers. Boring.

    Lightroom release without even being ready caused me to see management just wrecked the company. I predict a less monopolistic competitor will emerge and satisfy the non pros. I loved the challenge of learning and jusing Photoshop 6. But not helping Macromedia change and bloat. Not everyone is going to stay on the wagon with this ride. High prices, poor products, no more suppport online at site in video.

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