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As I continue to move my life from PC to Mac i went in search of a decent audio application that I can use for Midi and at the same time easily plug the guitar into. So I thought I would try Apple’s new Logic Express and I have to tell you I am very impressed with how easy it is to work with.

I installed the application and upon booting it up it configured it’s self for my M-Audio firewire 410 audio interface and was ready for me to start screwing around with it. My biggest concern was it would be overly complicated to get used to after having used so many other apps for so long, but everything is done in a mostly obvious way. If there was something I could not figure out it only took a couple of clicks to realize what I needed to do to get my end result. The included synths and drum machine is amazing, the drum sounds alone are something you’ll sit and just play with for hours.

The guitar amp simulator is OK, the pre-built selection it comes with is very limited and not something you’ll be using a lot. For example there is no really good heavy crunch sounds for belting out those power chords, but I’ll play with it more. Thanks to the plug-in architecture you can use things like the excellent Amplitube which would easily solve the guitar sound problem for even the most demanding player.

I am so impressed I may actually upgrade to studio to get all of the loop packs and extensive preset catalog for the mixer strips and instruments.

More to come….


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