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Since I found Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro and Fission software I have been in audio heaven. They are simply the best easy to use audio editor (Fission) and the best Mac audio capture (Audio Hijack Pro). With Audio Hijack Pro you can capture the audio from any application or re-route the audio anywhere you want, and with access to all the audio filters on your system.

Well I would use those two applications for capturing radio shows on the Internet, and now they have released a program that does just that called RadioShift, and with a super simple but powerful scheduler built in. It does not matter if the audio stream is QuickTime, real audio or Windows media. If the station is on the list then you simply say ‘record this’ and that is all there is to it. The recording takes place in the background so you do not have to hear it or even have the application open for the recording to take place.

I will be trying it out and I’ll report back what I think of it. Check it out here.


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