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Now that the new major OS’s are both around there is one very clear difference, and one that has been there since day one in every product Apple and Microsoft make…

Microsoft’s stuff looks like it was made by engineers who have no idea of style and Apple’s stuff looks like it was made by artists who have no idea of working well with others. Vista looks like an engineer’s attempt to make an OS-X’ish GUI to the world but it has one thing going for it…it plays a lot better with others than Apple, that said the closed Apple hardware/software solution means you ‘should’ be assured of a reliable platform.

The interesting thing here is that should Microsoft ever learn about making things look stylish and cashing in on the slick look and feel of Apple products then Apple will have a real problem. However there is very little chance of that happening I suspect. On the other hand I wish Apple would stop it’s attitude towards users of ‘we’ll do what we want and you can either like it or go elsewhere, because we ain’t listening to ya (this applies to hardware and software)’. Apple has a serious ego problem and Microsoft has a control the world and put DRM in everything down to text files problem.

If someone could just take the best of both they’d get my vote every time.


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