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OK I’ve searched and searched and come up with nothing useful. I need to figure out how to make a flow or organizational chart in either Flash or Flex using dynamic data (will most likely be XML powered). It needs to be at least ActionScript 2, 3 is even better. I’ve not found anything out there on suggestions regarding how to go about this, so hows about you all point me in the right direction

Thanks for anything, even a good luck will do haha!



    • kaushikdatta
    • Posted October 31, 2007 at 3:48 pm
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    Check out my blog They have org chart renderer.

  1. If this is a client project and they don’t mind spending some $$$, these might get you where you are going,

    You might be able to roll your own using Flare – . They have a graph layout with an indented tree structure. Don’t know if there is enough flexibility to construct an org. chart from that.

    good luck,

    – jim

  2. Thanks Jim, those help me a lot. I discovered Flare last night and it sure does look interesting, and certainly will have an interesting future I think.

    I’ll look into your tips, thanks again.

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