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I’m sure a lot of people have heard about this already but just incase, it appears Western Digital NAS drives have started their big brother impression on us by deciding what can and what cannot be accessed over a network. It appears the drives will not allow some file types to be served over a network connection, which is insane! If I buy a backup or network drive to allow me to access my files over my network then I do not expect the hardware maker to decide my access permissions. I mean seriously WD think about it for a second, if I was a video or audio producer I might just be using a large drive to store the files? So in an attempt to stop file sharing you are preventing professionals from getting work done….genius of an idea!An interesting article can be found here and a Western Digital support page listing the files that cannot be shared here. I guess Western Digital wanted to get some bad PR and loose market share after doing so well for so long, yet another dumb a$$ move by a tech company thinking they can tell the consumer what to do.


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    • james robinson
    • Posted December 22, 2007 at 1:53 pm
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    I purchased a western digital 500giabyt external hard drive from and it was defictive and am getting the runaround big time from both companys
    be careful abuot purchasing from (never again for me) and be careful about a western digital product as all they will do is replace it with a refurbished product it is bad buisness when you buy a product from a company and they do not stand behind there product

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