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Why? Am I crazy?

I don’t think so, I know it’s not aimed at me or people like me, but I really think it’s gonna turn sour for the following reasons.

        1.        PURCHASE a CD/DVD at $99 to attach to it? Yeah right, what’s next, but the plug to connect it to the mains.
        2.        Ask another Mac or PC user if you can borrow their CD/DVD drive as a virtual disk…..let’s see how far that gets ya.
        3.        In Apple’s little imaginary world full of pixie dust where wireless networks work flawlessly and are everywhere you want to be then maybe a machine that ONLY has a wireless connection built in might be fine, but what about the real world scenario’s where it’s not always working or not always possible to be on one. Oh wait, they’ll probably sell you a USB ethernet connector for another $99.
        4.        So thin that you are guaranteed to put something on it and damage it, c’mon that thing has to be as easy as anything to bend or dent the screen, and with so little thickness it won’t take much to damage it.
        5.        Parts so precise are at the mercy of production standards, and we all know that things very rarely get manufactured according to the exacting specifications (anyone remember the heat sink solution that was plastered all over the Mac Book Pro CPU’s in the first Intel version?).
        6.        Far too expensive, for around the same price you can get a much better spec’d Mac Book Pro or Mac Book….and hey they have CD/DVD, faster CPU’s and an ethernet port.
        7.        I hear the battery is actually soldered to the motherboard so no user replacement option….another money maker for Apple replacing em.

Only real good thing (and we all knew it was coming) is the multi-touch. Which was not a surprise and sure to be in the next round of MacBook Pro’s and MacBook’s.

There will be those that cry out the air is the next iPhone and will change the laptop world, and the rest of us will be happy to watch them throw money at Newton mk II

Nice idea Apple, now go take your pills and settle down.


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