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SuperDuper! is the first applicaion I brought for my Mac all that time ago, it is in my opinion (and any others) the defacto backup tool for the Mac. You can clone the entire drive and boot from it, which is great for when you are re-installing or have a hardware/software disaster. One of the best things about it is the very nice intelligent update so it only backs up what changed reducing the time required greatly. Sound like Time Machine? Bah!…this is far superior to time machine for back up (although Time Machine in many ways offers useful stuff like per file recovery and a kind of versioning). I would go as far as to say you should use both.

Anyways it’s finally out at 2.5 and can be found at

The MUST have tool for Mac users who don’t like crying when it all goes wrong! And yes finally we can all stop complaining at the amazingly long time it took for them to get this update out.


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