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I’m a big Lightroom user, but before then I tried Aperture which if I recall was either 1.1 or 1.5 then. It was nice but seriously slow and the interface was most annoying for doing simple things, however the ideas in there were nice and I still think the highlight recovery tool works better than Lightroom. So when Apple released 2.0 without much fanfare (strange enough for Apple as it is) I was interested enough to down the trial the very same day of the release.

I have to say that I’m seriously impressed, so much in fact that I ordered a copy the very same day. Now I’m not saying I will stop using Lightroom, but I will start using Aperture and see which I end up using the most. for me the new speed and interface of Aperture (not to say the usual wonderful integration with everything else that Apple does so well) has me impressed enough to work with it. On my first gen 06 iMac MacTel it runs fast for the first time ever, and certainly enough that I can work with it. The new reworked RAW engine is very nice and for me it does some things better than Adobe’s CameraRaw. However I do with Apple would work with Adobe and get CameraRaw in there, as I’m sure when Adobe Releases a new version we’ll start getting the same old DNG issues we did with the previous Aperture releases.

I always found the way Aperture allows us to deal with organizing via projects to be wonderfully intuitive and makes Lightroom look primitive in this area. I have yet to try printing from Aperture to my Epson R1800 and that maybe the decider for me, but until then I am liking the new version very much and certainly see it as a good competitor to Lightroom just aslong as they release updates more often for new cameras which is where they fall flat every time due to the non plug-in idea like Adobe and CameraRaw.

I’ve said it before……if only Apple and Adobe would get together the tools from integrating both companies products would be stellar! Maybe one day I’ll get that Aperturoom product to solve all my problems with one app.


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