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So Adobe finally announced the new version of Director and the first big head scratcher is this from the new features….

Support for Flash CS3 Professional and video created with Flash
Expand your creative options by easily importing content created with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, including files using the ActionScript™ 2.0 language. Launch Flash from within Adobe Director® software and have your changes saved automatically.
Notice the parts I put in Red, they don’t even support the latest AS3 language but do claim support for the latest Flash IDE….Adobe WTF? What have you been doing for the past 4 years Director crew? Oh yeah you’ve been working hard on supporting 40 video formats, wow talk about time well spent. And yet another big plug-in that hardly anyone will download like the last one.
And you want us to pay another $299 for this upgrade, ummmm better get those resumes in order Director team as I don’t think anyone will wait another 4 years for an upgrade with less new features than Vista :P, I am sure there are lots of under the hood tweaks and re-writes as one would expect plus the Universal Binary for the Mac, but if the amazingly short list of new features is what you are shouting about then it does not look good.
Read the Press release here



  1. If the DX9 support works on Mac platforms along with PhysX that could be sweet, otherwise im sort of puzzled too…

    • Big Dee
    • Posted February 20, 2008 at 7:22 am
    • Permalink

    The only real surprise was the inclusion of Ageia PhysX. For some reason Adobe kept this top secret. I’m slightly baffled as to whether it’s an Xtra, like Havok, or whether it’s been integrated into Shockwave 3D. In any case it’s definitely to be welcomed.

    Apart from that and DirectX9 native rendering, I don’t see very much reason to upgrade. And I wonder whether they have fixed the dreaded 3D transparency priority bug……

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