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There is a new release today for a Flickr Mac client, the application show promise and I am all in favor of decent front end clients to cloud services. Photonic has some nice features, the ability to view your photo stream, browser and add favorites and also see contacts photos. The Photoset viewing feature (and most in the app for that matter) looks very iPhoto like, and I have no problem with that. However there are some omissions that I think should be in there like the following

– Ability to add comments to photographs
– The image viewer seems to show keywords below photos rather than descriptions
– The Ability to add or edit sets already on Flickr, I mention this since you have the ability to view them

I think that front end clients to cloud services should provide the basics of functionality you get within the web page otherwise you are forcing users to go back and use the web page for part of the process, and who would pay for an application to only use it part of the time?

Now all that said, this app I think shows great potential and will be killer once all the basic services are in there. And the price until Mid March is only $20 I believe, well worth it if you do a lot of Flickr work on the Mac. Again check it out at


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