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It appears that now Apple’s Time Capsule has hit the streets that their claim of ‘server grade’ hard drives is somewhat exaggerated but not inaccurate depending on how you look at it. Based on photos of the hardware tear down it seems the drives in the boxes are infact Hitachi DeskStar’s which are a consumer grade hard drive not server grade. However Apple has now decided to say that what they mean to imply by server grade is the time between failures…which many would argue is twisting facts for the sake of marketing a product.

Apple really needs to stop marketing spin and start proving themselves, it seems they are more than happy to ignore the fact that most people question Apple’s claims in their marketing blurb and their dedicated league of fans will no longer just take what Apple says without questioning it first.

Unless Apple is using other companies from say Redmond as their guide on how to do business these days.


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