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OK OK, I can hear you all now…“but you preferred Things!”

Yes I did, and I may try it again in the future. But after working with OmniFocus for a little while I confess I found it as wonderful to use as OmniOutliner Pro which got me making lists of things I never thought I needed to list. It’s the small things that have made me change, and my major reason for not using OmniFocus before was I thought it was more than I needed. Now I realize it was a case of deer in the headlights for me, and it’s actually as simple as you want it to be. A couple of the things that I’ve found myself really liking are

  1. Emailing myself tasks that get processed by mail and put straight into OmniFocus.
  2. I have the database on a thumb drive so I can use it on my laptop and iMac.
  3. A wealth of information on the Omni site and user forums.
  4. Nice iCal integration.
  5. Since I’m an OmniOutliner Pro user the license is actually cheaper than Things!….hey it all makes a difference ya know!
  6. How can ya not like something that has input from Merlin Mann 🙂

Now if only they can work out .mac sync, something they say may appear in future versions. The ability to make a task create a system popup to get your attention would also be nice, unless it’s in there and I’ve not found it yet (not via an iCal event). And finally something I sure everyone wants…iPod Touch and iPhone version….c’mon iPhone SDK so people can get on this.


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