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So this is driving me nuts…Epson R1800, OS-X 10.5.2, Aperture 2 and Photoshop CS3 Why oh why is it that I cannot get a decent print? The colors are way off normally far too magenta or far too blue/green. And the density is either way too dark (at least 2-3 stops) or way too light. I never used to have any problems with printing, the prints would normally be pretty close to my screens calibrated with a Pantone Huey Pro. But for some reason since using 10.5.2 and the latest Epson drivers for the life of me I cannot get a good print. I have checked and checked that I am using the right color profiling and paper profiles. I am throwing paper and ink out the window like crazy trying to get a decent print.I am pretty familiar with Photoshop’s color management and Aperture’s somewhat more basic management (as in controls not technical content). So it’s not like I’m just hitting the print button without setting the image file color profile, paper profile and following the numerous books I have on printing how-to using the correct color profiles. Anyone else had these problems?



    • Tim Prince
    • Posted March 24, 2008 at 12:39 pm
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    Hi, I am having exactly the same problem with an R1800 and have only had this issue after upgrading to 10.5. Have you any success in solving it/.

  1. No not yet, I have learned that turning off black point compensation seems to help a little but does not solve the color problem. I will have to call Epson support and ask them (if I can ever get thru) for more information on this as there are no new drivers since December 07, which makes me think they are in no hurry. And given that the printer has now been replaced by the R1900 I start to worry they might not even fix it….or maybe it’s Apple’s fault. I may have to just down grade the OS back to 10.4 to see if it at least prints correctly. I will post my findings.

    • galerieephemere
    • Posted March 24, 2008 at 3:53 pm
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    i have the same problems, and i’am very interested in a solution

    • David Roy
    • Posted March 27, 2008 at 11:48 am
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    Same problem here. I was having some luck with Aperture 2 but the latest update took even that away.

    • cre8tiv1
    • Posted April 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm
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    I had the exact same problem for DAYS! I just knew that there had to be a fix/simple explanation for this. SURELY Epson and Apple could get this to work…

    After days of wasting paper and ink, I went back to the Epson site and downloaded the 3.0 drivers and it works PERFECTLY!

    (This make absolutely no sense to me… you’d think that the current printer driver – 6.12 – would address all the needs of the previous drivers. Well apparently not. I can’t fight with the logic, I just know that now I get really nice prints.)

    Check it out… it worked for me.

  2. Interesting, I will have to look on the Epson site for the v3 drivers and try that, I’m getting reasonable prints right now but I’m print ing much less than I’d like for fear of it all going bad again.

    I’ll take a look at those drivers and see if the results are better, thanks again.


    • cre8tiv1
    • Posted April 27, 2008 at 2:43 pm
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    No problem… I hope that it works for you. Over the last few days, I’ve printed about 60 or so photos, and they look 100 times better with the older driver.

    • SimonP
    • Posted May 14, 2008 at 4:56 am
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    I too have been having the same problem. I have tried loading 3.0a but I can’t find it in System Preferences – Printers. I’m a bit of a Mac newby; what am I missing?

    • SimonP
    • Posted May 14, 2008 at 6:05 am
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    Further to my last post I have done some research and discovered how to do it. I deleted the printer in System Preferences and the entire EPSON folder in Macintosh HD/Library/Printers after backing it up to DVD, then rebooted.
    I then loaded driver 3.0a and switched on the printer and it is now showing the driver as 3.01

    BUT it still prints really badly – over saturated and slightly solarized.
    Tried to get Epson online support to help but I admitted to using compatible inks and that was the end of their interest.
    It isn’t an ink issue as I can print with correct colours using the Gutenprint driver.

  3. I tried the older drivers and the prints do indeed seem better!


    I do not believe it to be an ink problem either, having found so many with these problems it clearly is a software issue. My driver version also shows as 3.01 for the older drivers.

  4. I ‘ve had the same problem with an iMac running 10.5.1 and no matter what I did my prints were as described above (having been fine before I upgraded to 10.5). After reading this blog I printed the same files from my laptop (Powerbook G4) running 10.4.11 they are as they should be.

  5. Tim,

    I am curious, did you use the same version of the drivers on both 10.5.1 and 10.4.11?

  6. Peter

    How do/where do I identify the driver versions?


  7. System preferences > Print & Fax > Then select the printer and click ‘Option and Supplies’ it should show the driver version number on the right side.


    • Dave
    • Posted May 28, 2008 at 9:34 am
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    I have the same problem of dark prints with Aperture 2.1 and Leopard. However I found a solution (temp one until Apple/Epson release a better driver) to get acceptable prints on a colour managed workflow:

    The info you need is in the last post dated Apr 28, 2008 7:49 PM.


    • Dave
    • Posted May 28, 2008 at 9:38 am
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    Aaarghh, ignore my post above. My print came out with a horrible magenta skin tone. I didn’t notice it at first until after I posted the comment and took another look at the print in better light.

    I can’t believe my ‘upgrade’ has cost me the ability to get decent prints on my Epson R1800.


  8. Thanks for trying Dave. I will try this method out anyway to see what happens for me, at this point you almost feel getting the right print is random regardless of what settings are used.

  9. Sure enough, it did not work for me as well Dave. Another big sigh from us R1800 users 🙂

    • Jonathan
    • Posted June 4, 2008 at 10:37 pm
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    I’ve been having the problem with dark prints from my R1800 ever since the leopard update. I just bought ColorMunki to see if I could calibrate my printer and fix the problem. Still no luck

    • Karsten
    • Posted July 11, 2008 at 2:28 pm
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    I’ve been having the exact same problem. Only thing that worked for me was going back to 10.4. So right now I’m booting back and forth between 10.5 and 10.4 (for printing).

  10. Link does not work I’m afraid, only valid for your session in the browser. How did you get to it and what did it say? 🙂

    • Scott M
    • Posted August 25, 2008 at 11:36 am
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    Hey Pete, I noticed I had the same exact issue with my R1800 and Leopard. Although it wasn’t limited to Aperture 2. I had the same result in InDesign CS3. I never really noticed it because I haven’t had to print that much since I upgraded to Leopard.

    I wiped my print system clean (in the control panel) and deleted the Epson folder from the Library. I installed the 3.01 drivers and it seems to have cured the solarized greens and other tonal problems I was experiencing. I just did a test print with Aperture 2 and it’s perfect, I’ll try CS3 after I get lunch.

  11. Thanks Scott, however in my case I’ve re-installed my whole system and still have the problem.

    At this point I’m printing from an old Toshiba PC laptop just to get the prints without the surprise of how they look 😦

    I am going to be trying paper and profiles other than Epson though to see if that helps any, since I’m still trying to identify exactly where the problem is.

    Thanks again, I welcome you’re CS3 experiences after trying the setup above.

    • Scott M
    • Posted August 25, 2008 at 3:29 pm
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    OK, my test print with ID didn’t change. But I’m assuming it’s because I’m using 53 pound card stock, for some reason darker colors tend to wash out. I’ll try something on photo paper in a little while.

    And for the record, for photos, I use Meritline Premium Glossy Paper. I found no visible difference between it and Epson’s. Benefit to the Meritline is it’s cheap, and since I print marketing materials on it, there’s no watermark on the back.

    I wonder if anyone with a 1900 and Leopard have the same issues.

  12. Thanks for getting back to us. I have been using the Epson Premium Glossy and Luster Photo. However I have some sample sheets of Pictorico Gekko paper that I plan to try, I also have the profiles for those papers (non Epson) so I am curious to see if that makes any difference.

    I’ll report back my results.

    I have not noticed anyone with a R1900 or the 200 series mentioning any printing issues which kind of makes me think Epson corrected the problem with those drivers and would much rather we R1800 users just brought a new printer 😉

    • Greg
    • Posted September 4, 2008 at 8:10 pm
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    After having my printer replaced twice by Epson to “fix” this problem. I was told by Epson tech support that this is a driver issue that they are working “very hard” on a solution and a new driver. Basically what happens is that your print gets profiled twice. The only way I can get decent prints from CS3 is to select “no color management” and then set under color settings, set it to Epson Vivid. Epson assured me that they would have new drivers very soon……

  13. Thanks for the information Greg. I can testify thru my own experience that using ‘no color management’ is the only way I’ve ever got a half decent (note I did not say correct or decent) print. I have to push all the settings in the Epson driver color settings to the max to correct the problem and even then it is still wrong.

    Let’s hope they get those drivers done soon…although I’m not holding my breath after all this time!

    Thanks again.

    • Scott M
    • Posted October 2, 2008 at 4:45 pm
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    Me again. I had to reload Leopard and decided to back things up and start fresh. I had problems loading the 3.0 drivers, it wouldn’t stick. I had to delete the entire EPSON folder from /Library/Printers/ and then it finally took. I’m printing pictures now and they look (in sunlight) almost identical to the ones on my 30″. Just passing it on.

    Haven’t calibrated the 9800 yet. Ugh.

  14. Scott,

    Thanks for this information. I believe I have never installed the drivers on my laptop so I’ll give it a go and see what happens. I’d sure like to get printing again.

    Thanks again, most appreciated by many I’m sure.

    • Seth H
    • Posted October 17, 2008 at 11:03 pm
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    Hi Pete,

    This is no aid to the problem, but just one more voice chiming in. I’ve had the same issues where prior to 10.5 prints were impressively spot on, and since the 10.5 upgrade (some time back!) they are way too dark where detail is lost (R1800, CS3 or Aperture 2). I’ve been checking in on your blog among a few other threads in the hope that someone cracks this, but I’ve pretty much given up…is there any on-going evidence that any one at Apple or Epson are working on this? I tried pestering Epson several times (you fill out their web form which specifies the papers and profiles you are using and then they write back and ask you if you are using Epson paper and profiles even though you just specified…) ultimately leading to the comment that they could not reproduce the issue on their hardware (despite the diverse threads languishing on the web about this). Very frustrating. I’ve pretty much stopped printing which is a bit of a pain, but it seems to be that or go out and buy a new printer…from Canon. Every month or so I give it a go again, try a few variations, end up disappointed and annoyed and google it all over again. I still can’t figure out whether we’re supposed to be pestering Epson or Apple?? I’ve tried the older Epson drivers and they are somewhat better than the latest, but still not like it was. Good luck to us all…

  15. Hi Seth,

    You mirror my situation completely. Every so often I go back and try printing again telling myself that maybe it’s been sorted by a fix along the way and just not been mentioned, only to discover yet more wasted paper and inks.

    I have yet to find any actual evidence that Epson or Apple are working on the problem (let’s face it, they never acknowledge hardly any problems). I have read some comments on my blog that say it’s a double profiling issue and I can believe that based on my own results. Even rolling back to older drivers is not working for me, which only deepens the problem.

    I can tell by the amount of comments and traffic I get on my blog regarding the Epson problems that this is clearly a wide spread issue and yet it appears nothing is being done or at this point I suspect will be done. Clearly they just want us to buy a new printer and fix the problem that way 😦

    At this point I am in the same position as you, I am very close to saying to hell with Epson and getting a Canon or some other printer as Epson clearly cannot be bothered to support it’s customers that don’t have the latest model released every six months. I have been an Epson user for many many years, but I’ll never go back or recommend their equipment again to my clients after this mess.

    Even if the problem is with OS 10.5 Epson should be working to resolve it with Apple, and after all this time I cannot imagine they’ve been working on it this long.

    Sorry to not have better news, seems we are all screwed together. Anyone for a Canon or HP store visit?

  16. Hi guys
    I am having the exact same problem with this R1800.
    I am using it with OX 10.5.5 and mostly print from InDesign CS3.
    What works best for me is deactivating the printer color management. But that’s far from perfect.

    That’s my last epson printer forever !

  17. I have just sent an Email to Epson pointing to this thread and it’s comments. And will share any reply since this situation is clearly effecting a lot of people still and Epson’s lack of response is both unprofessional and clearly driving away current and prospective customers.

    My stance is this…

    Why would I buy another printer from Epson when a year or two after it’s release they no longer provide the ability to use it with updated operating systems or show signs of trying to solve the problem. Even if I brought the latest Epson printer the samething could happen at some point in the near future. And using my old PC laptop as a print driver is crazy! Hell the Toshiba laptop is at least 5 years old and it is the only way for me to make prints right now 😦

  18. I am having the same issues. The printer was fine untill I upgraded to 10.5. I keep checking back here every few weeks hoping a fix will be posted.

  19. I sent yet another email to Epson support last Wednesday and gave them the complete story yet again along with a pointer to this blog post and the comments.

    I have not heard back from them yet, and I am going to make a predication that I do not hear back from them at all. Their actions seem to suggest they want to ignore the problem, I also emailed some Mac techies to see if they have any ideas (Check out MacGeekGab podcast sometime, extremely useful information).

    so I am currently looking at the Canon and HP range. I have Short listed the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 as that seems to get favorable user reviews. As it stands I will not buy an Epson again and have stopped recommending them to my clients until Epson proves some commitment to solving the problems of it’s customers. I have noticed on that some people are having the same problem with the R1900 😦

    Sorry I cannot bring better news at this time.

  20. I finally got a reply and have pasted it below…nothing new, standard response.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Epson. It is my pleasure to respond to your inquiry. As of now there is no additional information regarding updating drivers for the 1800 printer. My suggestion is that you give us a call at Epson so that we can help walk you through your printing process and help you achieve the printing results that you desire.

    Should you require further assistance with this issue, please use the “Reply With History” option, including your previous e-mail with your new request. If you have a different technical support issue, please submit another E-form via our website (, and we will respond in a timely manner. Thank you again for contacting Epson.

    David P
    EPSON Professional Graphics Support Team

    • Thomas M
    • Posted December 5, 2008 at 1:30 pm
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    I have the same issue, and my neighbor too. She has one of the large format epson, brand new but same issues. Hers did not even calibrate right on 10.4.
    My R220 has the same issue. I see a class-action brewing for Epson. That was my last Epson for me too, why have a PHOTO printer and not be able to print PHOTOS!

  21. I came across some more information this morning, and I can well believe Epson seeing the problem this way, read my post with a link to the support thread at Apple

    • Eric Weisberg
    • Posted December 21, 2008 at 7:55 pm
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    The problem has been solved. After many, many late nights and more wasted ink and paper than I care to remember, Epson UK has released a driver which eliminates the problem (v 6.23) and allows a proper Abobe color-managed workflow.

    I owe a huge shout-out to Ian Lyons at, an Adobe master who turned me on to the driver.


  22. Downloading them right now to give it a shot. I’ll report back ASAP if it worked. Thanks Eric and Ian for the heads up.

    I recently did the 10.5.6 upgrade and was thinking about trying again incase something got fixed, so here’s hoping. I noticed it was a somewhat larger download for the latest drivers at around 50mb.

  23. Ok got it working, I had to uninstall all traces of the printer and installed the new ones, still trying to get the paper sizes to show the US version but I am HAPPY to report that both the color and density are spot on….AT LAST!!!

    A HUGE thank you to both of you for figuring this out and sharing the solution, I have to say though that I will still not be looking at an Epson when it comes to a replacement printer at this time as I am disgusted with the way Epson has handle this very apparent problem to the point of not even agreeing there is one when so many of us have reported the same thing and been given so many different excuses by Epson.

    Again, it worked for me!

    • Jorge Farias
    • Posted December 23, 2008 at 11:03 am
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    I’ve had the same problem for over a year and was so glad to happen upon your blog. I’ve downloaded the UK driver and now I can’t get anything to print on Aperture. It just sits there with the photo on queue and a “printer ready” message, but won’t print. Any thoughts?



  24. Hi Jorge,

    Be sure to uninstall all the drivers first. Run the installer for the old version and change the install method to uninstall. Then try installing the new ones, you will also have to remove the printer from the Fax & Printer list in the system preferences and then add it back.

    Hope this helps,

    • Seth H
    • Posted December 23, 2008 at 2:48 pm
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    As I said in my first post back a ways, I’ve made an occasional habit of checking in here, maybe once a month, dismal, but with some glimmer of hope this would one day be solved. What timing to have such recent and promising news!
    Meanwhile, I have an old ‘lampshade’ iMac which still had osx 10.4, strung with wires over to my printer. Very awkward, but of course prints came out like a charm. Except the old machine barely has enough memory to open the big files I’d like to print while the nice MacPro smugly made the files but with OSX 10.5 needed something ridiculous like brightness +50 and contrast -30 in photoshop to come out somewhere approximating semi-acceptable.

    So if this works, what a christmas miracle it would be. Seriously, I’ve been on an anti-Epson seething simmer all year over it, and as Peter points out, this might take some time to subside.

    I’ll post back if it works for me…high hopes!

  25. With ya all the way Seth as you know!

    It’s still working for me, if only that bitter Epson taste I have would go away now 🙂

    • Seth H
    • Posted December 24, 2008 at 1:08 am
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    Just finished uninstall old ones, delete printer from settings, install new UK driver, add printer back.

    Ooooooooh! Yes Yes Yes it works!

    Thank you all so much! Thanks for providing the coordinating forum, Peter. I’ll stop back by…


  26. NP Seth, glad to hear you got a working printer at last as well. I am so very thankful for everyone participating in the threads I have here to get the word out.


    • Steve M
    • Posted December 28, 2008 at 8:20 pm
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    I am SORRY to report that the 6.23 European drivers made absolutely NO difference with my prints.

    I’m using Adobe Lightroom 2.2 and the Epson R1800.

  27. Steve,

    I’m sure you have done this but check the preferences and be sure the OS is using the latest drivers, I had to uninstall the old drivers and remove it from the printer preferences pane before I could get the new versions to kick in as the preferences pane would report back the old version number at first.

    • Steve M
    • Posted December 29, 2008 at 9:36 am
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    I uninstalled the old drivers, using the original installer; removed the printer from System Preferences > Print & Fax settings; installed the new driver; added the printer back to the Print & Fax settings.

    The closest thing I have been able to come to an acceptable print is to choose my paper source/type instead of “Printer manages color” in Lightroom.

    I have both my monitors calibrated, using the DataColor/Colorvision Spyder3 Elite, and both monitors are turned completely down for Brightness and Contrast.

    I have calibrated to 90 and 120 as well as different white points, and used my laptop to install OS X 10.4.x (as it is rumored that 10.5 screwed this all up). Absolutely nothing different.

    I made the foolish attempt to call Epson. They sent me a “new” printer that was in horrible shape (scratches/damage to outside) and the prints were no different. I called to complain/return and they said that I was lucky to get a refurbished printer, and they could make no guarantee as to the quality of the printer. One of the techs I spoke with actually told me to NOT follow the professional setup, and to use the lame Epsom Standard/Vivd controls and to waste paper doing demos (per print) until I got the results I liked.

    The sad thing is that the popular photo magazines, as well as professional membership organizations (NAPP, etc.) all claim excellent results for the R1800, R1900, and R2880 straight out of the box (i.e., no special monitor/paper/printer calibrations). Several have their own demos as to setup (widely published on the net) and print quality, that aren’t canned from Epson. I would assume they are getting kickbacks for advertising, as you rarely see such praise for HP or Canon.

  28. Argh Steve that sucks. I am saddened to hear it has not fixed it for you. I have say that everytime I print I still wonder if it’s going to work right, and so far it’s working for me still after the Euro drivers.

    Only other thing I can recommend is to be sure you are installing the Epson printer profiles for the paper you are using (crazy that Epson does not install them with the driver).

    Since the new Euro drivers I can finally let Lightroom manage the printing rather than the printer, I just choose my paper profile, turn off color management in the Epson printer dialog and it works fine.

    • Pat Marchitto
    • Posted December 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm
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    The following “fix” is from an article be David Brooks for Shutterbug Magazine. He points out that the dark prints are from todays bright LCD monitors. He makes some very good points. The following does work for me with Photoshop CS3 and my R1800. Check out his blog at

    Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3 “Print too Dark” correction: You can control the print lightness/darkness with the full version of Photoshop using a Print Preview option that’s located in “more options” at the bottom of the Preview window by clicking on the Output tab rather than Color Management , and then on the Transfer button.

    A graph similar to the Curves dialog will open. Click on the exact center of the graph, which activates the 50% value box at the bottom of the column to the right of the graph. If you then drag the curve down so it bends toward the lower right corner, and then click OK and then continue the print procedure normally, the resulting print will be lighter. Try reducing the 50% to 40% as a start.

  29. Thanks for the comments Pat, however for most of us the problem is/was the printer drivers which has now been proven by many including myself. Since most of the comments I have received and from my personal experience indicate that everything was fine before Leopard (same hardware including screen and correct calibration) and for the majority it is nothing to do with the screen. I appreciate the comments though, for some it might help.

  30. Peter,
    Just found your blog with this entry…glad I did; at least now I’m getting somewhere.

    I deleted epson related stuff from both my library locations and the “print and fax” dialog control, and then reloaded the UK driver.

    I also reloaded the ICC profiles.

    I’ve gone from dark/muddy and heavy magenta to less dark and clear & light but slightly green.

    My gamma is currently set at 1.8; should it be 2.2?

    Anyways, thank you…if I’m missing anything, please advise.


  31. Just ran a print and comparing it to the same image I ran a few months ago before the Leopard upgrade…I’m fairly close to the original, yet the overall tone is a lot lighter where my original was richer and more vibrant.

    I have to say, I’ve never done any calibration before this and all my prints “just worked.” They would look good on screen and on print…no effort on my part. Now,…hmmm.

  32. Glad this is helping you,

    I would suggest checking the screen calibration again and double check that you are using the right color profiles etc. when printing, however I am guessing you probably already did that. Maybe check the screen gamma setting and the print gamma setting, I messed so much with the gamma in Aperture when printing that I actually forgot to go back and reset everything in the applications after installing the latest drivers.

    Shout me if you reach success or not,and I’ll see what else I can come up with.


  33. Oh my god thankyou so much guys!!! I have spent the last few hours trying to get my r1800 working on leopard… I even thought of putting Tiger back on as I was getting so frustrated!!
    Didnt work the first time, so I completely removed the epson folder from the library/printers, removed the printer from system preferences then added the new driver and added printer again.

    Thanks again guys

    • Matt Fish
    • Posted February 8, 2009 at 10:18 pm
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    Another satified customer
    On my 2nd r1800 and been waiting to to upgrade to OS Leopard cause other companies didn’t have drivers ready either. Epson has hung me out to dry on my scanners too, they just don’t want to invest in keeping old equipment current. I upgraded my 1800 with 6.12 that was on their site from dull to bright amazing what happens when you delete the folder and printer and start fresh
    Thanks everyone

    • Marc van Gastel
    • Posted February 10, 2009 at 3:14 am
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    Still have problems with r1900 & MBP Intel OSX 10.5.6!
    I’ve also for a few months the same problems as written above. Many, many ours, ink and paper spending of solving the problem of very bad prints. Not bright, even dull and very dirty colours (sp. magenta). Tried the Gutenprint-drivers: no solution. I’ve uninstalled the drivers which came from CD (via uninstall-tool and manually) and installed the latest driver (6.60) from Epson support site.
    The answer of Epson support: You’re printing with software (Adobe CS3) which is not from Epson, so we can not help you…
    Yesterday we’ve spend a FULL day, together with a very experienced guy, well known in colormanagement, and we couldn’t find a solution. Remark: on his MBP G4 OSX 10.4 the prints where a little bit better, but still not satisfied.
    The suggestion of downloading the driver v6.23 from the Epson UK site looks strange to me, because it’s still the v6.60(?) Does anybody know how to solve this problem???

    A frustrated Marc (from Holland)

  34. I’ve printed 1000’s of photos on Velvet Fine Art paper with the Epson 1800, with Tiger, with complete satisfaction. I just upgraded to an iMac Intel with Leopard. About $100 worth of ink and paper later I’m getting close (still just a touch dark) to what I had before thanks to info I got from this site about the UK driver. However I am having to completely set the files up differently than I did before. If it would be helpful I will tell you what my settings are.

    lst I set up a Custom proof in photoshop (View-Proof Setup-Custom) Even though I use Velvet Fine Art paper, in the past I’ve had better luck choosing Matte Paper HW so that is what I did here. I unclicked preserve RGB numbers. Rendering Intent: Relative Colorimetic. Uncheck black point compensation. Name and save. I named my file:SPR1800 Matte Paper-HW

    Then Under color settings I made sure I had Apple RGB (1998)

    Just to double check make sure under assign profile that you have Apple RGB (1998)

    then under page setup I chose Epson Stylus Photo 1800 ( I followed your advice above about cleaning out all the old printer files and doing a clean install of the UK driver) then A3+ Manual Roll for my 13×19 Velvet Fine Art Paper.

    Then on the first print page from top to bottom on the right I chose:
    Photoshop manages Colors
    Printer profile: SPR 1800 Matte Paper HW
    Relative Colormetric
    I left Black Point compensation unchecked

    Then click print…my settings for that page are:
    FIRST: Layout settings…

    Print Settings
    Page Setup: shows Manual-Roll
    Media Type: Matte Paper-Heavyweight
    Color: Color Settings Off (No Color Adjsutment)
    Mode: Advanced
    Print Quality: Best Photo
    High Speed and Mirror Image not checked

    Paper Handling
    Uncheck Scale Down only then uncheck Scale to fit paper size
    SAve and name settings

    Then Print

    I am going to try redoing this entire process tomorrow and see how the velvet fine art paper settings work.

    I have enough experience with printing color over the course of fifteen years of working professionally with Photoshop and being a pro photographer for years longer than that to think that the problem is with the photos I send to the printer. The photos that have looked like crap with Leopard would look fine with Tiger no doubt.

    If anyone can help me fine tune the settings so that the printing is just a touch brighter without artifically lightening the photo in PS please let me know….I am naturally worried that these settings will not provide consistently good color as I have only printed three…and certainly, in the processing of wasting all that paper and ink, I had the experience of printing one that was pretty close and the next printing with the same settings (I think) was crap again.

    Thanks again…because after looking for hours on the internet for solutions and only finding people still having problems I was certainly depressed. Especially about the part where Epson threw up their hands and abandoned us.

    Thank you!!!!!

  35. Mary, thank you so much for the detailed post. I will be trying the settings you suggest and hope others do the same.
    With so many experienced printers having problems I simply cannot believe the lack of response from Epson to even confirm the situation, I am thankful to everyone that has contributed to a working solution.

  36. Peter, thanks for all you do…that’s the first thing I want to say. Second, I started this journey of working with custom proof settings in photoshop (I have CS4 btw) because I found a post on another site that suggested it might work. While custom proof settings made a definite improvement to the color, it wasn’t until I loaded the UK printer drivers that it all started coming together. What I don’t have enough technical experience to understand though is why do she, and others too, stick with Adobe RGB (1998) settings when, because I use Shutterfly online photo processing services, the standard these days for printing digitally seems to be sRGB. Now I save all of my photos with sRGB. Next, I am going to try one print with sRGB settings, though the photos I printed successfully, finally, last night were originally saved with Adobe RGB (1998) (As a graphic designer, all these years I’ve been doing Adobe RGB for printing presses)….I’ll have to convert the profile to do that. I’ll keep you posted….and also will be hoping others can help me fine tune the quality of the 1800 prints.

  37. I just printed two photos with the settings switched to sRGB, one using HW matte paper profile and the other using the Velvet Fine Art profile and they are acceptable but I would still like the shadow areas to not go darker than they really are in the photo. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know….btw I turned off black point compensation all the way through…does anyone understand what that’s about?

  38. I also found what seems to be good info here in a post by mosdave. I followed his advice to move the icc profiles and to use the colorsync utility in the Utilities folder in applications.

    My lst and only print finally has the vibrant color back…acceptable but I will be trying to get the saturation backed off just a touch….but not bad!!!! Yeah I feel much better..thanks again!!!!

  39. I really like that colorsync trick. I am going to give it a shot and compare with my normal hack around. Thanks again Mary!

  40. An update: I use Velvet fine Art paper but when I used the VFA paper settings all the way thru I was getting the correct colors, but wasn’t quite getting the “snap” that I was used to. Finally got a print that looks just right….instead of the VFA profile all the way thru, I changed everything to Matte HW including the colorsync utility settings. On the first page of the printer settings I checked ” let Photoshop manage the color” and unchecked the black point compensation setting on that page. Then on the next window I chose “no color management” along with my other usual settings and voila…it worked!!!!

  41. Wow Mary, they sure make you jump through hoops don’t they. I tried playing around with Color sync and it did make a difference. I have got prints to the point of being ‘OK’ but they just don’t have the snap that they used too. And I did notice Canon announced some new printers, I am going to start trying my different Epson papers I have here since at this point I have nothing to loose. I’ll try the latest changes you suggest and see what happens.

    Thanks again for the invaluable information.

  42. I believe I have finally reached a solution that works for me using Photoshop, thanks to the many great comments on this post I have resolved a workflow for me (mostly based around Mary’s comments) and if I add a -5 magenta to the final image it appears to work on most of my papers (for now at least) using their profiles.

    This is progress for me, but Lightroom and Aperture continue to not be a perfect match and I will probably have to print through Photoshop when I need good accuracy.

    • Judith Butler
    • Posted March 22, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    • Permalink

    do you mean, the new r1900 doesn’t have this problem??????????
    R the Epson people out of their minds treating customers like this?

  43. I cannot comment on the R1900 personally other than I have seen some users describing the same problem we have experienced with the R1800. I would guess Epson are supporting drivers better for the R1900 since it is part of their current line…but then again I’ve learned never assume anything with Epson and their non mega $$$ line.

  44. Having been on here to solve the leopard issue, after upgrading to snow leopard I know have a new issue…. When I select a3 sheet feeder borderless printing the page prints out as an A4 in the corner of the page!? As anybody any experience of this or how I can get around this problem? Thanks in advance.

    • Joseph Amanzio
    • Posted October 1, 2009 at 5:36 pm
    • Permalink

    Since upgrading to Snow Leopard and downloading latest driver, print no longer functions.????? I’ve downloaded, installed and restarted. No luck. Get “printer ready” message by nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

    • kmack
    • Posted October 1, 2009 at 6:44 pm
    • Permalink

    I finally gave up after about two months of tweaking and stuff … put my awesome printer up for sale and marketed it to people with a PC, of all things! I could just never get it back to printing anywhere near what it used to could do. Now I’m off to consider other printers. 😦

  45. I confess I have not even bothered to try my Epson R1800 under Snow Leopard. I gave up even trying to use it on my Mac a while back and it will soon be replaced with most likely a Canon. I am still disgusted at the way Epson couldn’t ditch customers using old hardware quick enough to only support the models currently in the market place.

  46. It’s such a shame as when I was running Tiger I could have not asked for a better printer/colour match/quality etc. I have an old G4 in the office and was thinking of using it as a print server… would that solve my problem if all other macs are on leopard though!?

    Joseph- don’t think Snow Leopard is supported in the latest Epson driver no….

  47. I agree completely Gary, under Tiger it was the best printer I had ever used and talked it up to everybody I came across.

    It is a very interesting idea to try using a G4 Tiger as a printer server with Snow Leopard clients. I have no idea if it would work but if I had the hardware around I sure would try it out. I’m going to guess that if you hitting the print button on the Snow Leopard machines then the problem would be the same since the color profiling would take place as they are spooled to the printer. However sending the file to the G4 and printing from there might give more reliable results like the good old days?

    Great idea though,

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  1. […] a solution has appeared that so far has worked well for me and at least one other, I point you to this comment on one of my posts by Eric detailing the way to solve the problem that Epson could not be bothered to help us […]

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