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So after spending so much time porting Photoshop for Universal and using that as the reason for a loooooong delay before the Universal release, it now turns out they ported to Carbon so no 64 bit version because you need Cocoa for 64 bit applications on the Mac (According to what I’ve read and been told).

…Is Adobe even paying attention anymore to the community that made them all their money in the first place, or are the developers so out of touch with todays systems they never stopped to think “Maybe we should port it once to Cocoa and be done with it” rather than now having to port it again for CS5…

Tsk Tsk Adobe, get it togeher and stop this bickering with Apple before it starts to hurt your bottomline.

Mind you, 8-12% speed improvement from 64bit over 32…can’t say I’d even notice it. But given the features in the extended edition aimed at the analysis market I can see them loading huge images that requires the extra memory that only 64 bit can take advantage of.

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