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Having watched and own the first 3 series I have to say that series 4 seems like everyone of the writers had a different story line and they tried to get them all into each episode, the flow and character based approach of the first 3 series is lost (please pardon the pun). Series 4 has been nothing short of Sci-Fi nonsense that rivals the Sci-Fi channels worst in house movie productions, it seems the aim is to drop as many famous philosophers and scientists names as possible in the story line whilst jumping around so much in time that it puts Dr. Who to shame. I guess the producers just want us to forget about all the characters they went to great pains to create in the first 3 series with amazing detail and hidden sub-plot.

Sorry, more episodes like tonight’s and I’m walking away from a program that is turning into as much mindless nonsense as everything else on television that it used to be so much better than.


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