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I am a Charter Communications Cable customer and I have to say for the most part I’ve always been very happy with their service, but like many I received the news today that they will be giving me an ‘enhanced experience’ while I am using the services I pay for. Essentially they will be spying on the packets of data going to my machine and injecting code into the pages giving me targeted adds accordingly which is pretty much the same principle as the way malicious code works I would imagine.

This is far from acceptable and I will be looking for alternative services should this continue, they should not be spying on their customers and forcing adverts on them based on that information that they data mine. Now I know what you are thinking…what’s the big deal we get targeted adds all the time, that is true. But having your ISP change web data from what the web site owner intended you to get?…stop and think about it for a little while and you’ll start to realize that it’s essentially giving you the content they want you to have rather than perhaps what you went looking for.

…maybe they’ll filter this post as it gets sent thru their system to my blog, lets see how well Charter does in the financial quarters once more start to hear about this and start thinking about all those over ISP companies always eager to get thru your door and sell you on their services instead.

You can read more information here

and here

Perhaps use of an opendns or other alternative free dns service might help prevent this from working, although with the packets being inspected it is hard to know when and where the code injection for the adverts will take place.


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