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I will post more opinions on this in greater detail but after trying the new Dreamweaver 4 Beta I have to say I’m impressed. To be honest upfront when I first read the new features and changes list I was way under impressed, however there are three things that after only five minutes with it I have to compliment the development team on.

  1. The new Interface, I thought the monochrome look would be terrible but actually it works very well, and you do indeed see the content more than the IDE which is totally the point.
  2. The new live view, I tested my site ( and it worked flawlessly gathering the data from my database and displaying everything exactly as seen in the browser, this is going to be a great feature in todays complex web applications for sure. Finally we can see and edit JavaScript in realtime.
  3. The new links that appear at the top of the open document tab that link to other code files used in the document…genius! You click the file and it opens ready to be worked with, however it does not open a new tab it appears (as best as I can tell) in the current tab, which is actually a very nice touch.

And I have to say it does feel a lot quicker than the very nasty slow speed of CS3.

More to come but just wanted to throw this out to anyone considering trying it…go do it, especially if you are a current Dreamweaver user.


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