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Interesting post here, it did occur to me that the new phone whilst being cheaper hardware wise would actually be more expensive based on AT&T’s higher data rate plan. It seems I am not alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the new features…GPS alone makes it worth the price, but when you consider the extra cost you are being forced to pay for the data plan it’s really more expensive over the period of the contract you are also forced to sign. Funny how that didn’t make it into the Keynote speech…oh wait, it’s Apple spin at work….my bad 🙂

What will perhaps be of most interest is what they do with the iPod prices, clearly the aim of Apple at this point is to get you to buy the phone not the pod, after all the pod is a one shot deal, the phone keeps ya locked into a purchase for two years at least unless you pay to get out of it.



    • Jon
    • Posted June 12, 2008 at 7:46 am
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    I agree and disagree. First of all, find me one company that is going to go out of their way to point out something is more expensive. Spin, maybe. Unusual for *any* business, no.

    Apple currently makes money on the iPhone contracts, but won’t on the new phones. So your idea about Apple pushing people away from buying the iPod doesn’t really make sense.

    That said, AT&T is offering folks a pretty raw deal. Forcing folks to pay 3G prices is sucky. Especially when you consider how little of the country is actually within reach of the 3G network. I’ve read that this happens for all smart 3G phones at AT&T, but that really isn’t any consolation. This is one reason I am not an AT&T customer and probably won’t be anytime in the near future.

  1. That is is a very valid point that I neglected to mention, you would be buying a 3G service that you may or may not be able to use now and in the near future.

    If 3G have a more complete coverage I would probably consider the prices they are charging for it to be reasonable.

    I stand by my opinion on pushing the iPhone over the iPod because clearly this is the space Apple is looking at, and they should. On a Cell network they can push content all the time compared to WiFi where they can only get you part of the time. And services/content is where it’s going to be now and in the future, and lets not forget the location aware ability of the iPhone and the sales areas that could open up.

    I am not saying that the positive spin is unusual, certainly not. I just get tired of Apple always taking it that much further into their little bubble of reality.

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