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Well technically we cannot acuse Apple of lying, the iPhone it’s self is actually cheaper but due to AT&T’s new plan pricing the total cost of ownership (TCO) makes the iPhone 3G more expensive to own and use than the original. Gone are text messages from the plan, you have to pay extra for those. And with the higher data rate the final cost to use one is more expensive.

Oh well, guess I won’t get one after all. I’ll stick with my iPod and WiFi, and my trust Sony Ericsson w810i for now. Thanks to the emitSMS widget I can send text messages right from my Mac without paying extra for a plan to do it and still use a keyboard for entry. I will probably eventually upgrade my iPod touch to the 32gb version, something that would of swung the deal for me if Apple had not delayed the 32g iPhone release (my guess is later in the year to sting customers yet again who buy the 3G version now).

Apple are probably happy because for once it’s not them who looks bad on this deal to end consumers 🙂

AT&T plans can be found here.


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