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It finally arrived in the store. And sad to say it’s not good 😦

Some notes from my testing.

1. There appears to be no way to delete an entry on the iPhone/iPod directly. This is bad since not everyone will have the desktop version, but more than that…an application that allows you to add but not remove?

2. Adding an entry is hit and miss, I’ve tried several times to add some notes and so far it has only worked once. It seems they just do not hit the database or something after you enter them.

3. Usability of the interface is nowhere near as pleasing as the desktop version. The input boxes are some what unobvious. Some areas you click on a box and it goes directly to edit mode, and others you click on and it turns out to not be a text entry box. Needs a lot of work here for those that don’t know what they are looking at or are familiart with the desktop application.

You can test this for yourself, just add a new login item and click on the URL box and you get to add the URL. Then click on the two boxes in login information and they are not text entry boxes, the text entry boxes do infact appear below in the All fields section. Not at all obvious to a new user.

4. Instructions in the application and on the site giving you directions to sync with the desktop version (and everyone should have it, it is outstanding!) are infact wrong as of writing this post and the current 1password desktop version.

5. Password generator? This is one of the best features of the desktop version, and something I think many would be more than happy to pay for. Sys Admins I am sure would love to have the password generator out in the field where they need to create strong passwords all the time.

I am certain it will get better and become the quality that we all know Agile Solutions can deliver, but wow this have every sign of being released way way too soon just to get it in the store.

I look forward to posting that the application has been improved in a post very soon, as I am sure it will be. But for now, might want to think twice if you don’t use the desktop version to add/remove/edit entries.



  1. Update,

    I have been informed that I can expect a lot problems to be addressed, however it can take a while for the iTunes staff to add updated applcations to the store.

    I knew 1Password would not let me down!

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the review! It’s always good to know where we should focus our efforts 🙂 Roustem contacted you by email, but I thought I’d address your items here for your readers:

    1. Missing Delete

    Woops! We were focused on Syncing from the Mac app which has a nice delete button 🙂 We’ll fix this.

    2. Adding an entry is hit and miss

    I have not seen this personally. Roustem mentioned he might know what happened, but honestly, you are testing version 1.0 and we fixed a lot of crazy bugs since then so I suspect 1.2 will treat you well.

    3. Usability non-pleasing

    Dan (our Design Guy) was busting my b*lls on this too. You are both right! I just wanted to say people really needed to have access to their data ASAP and so we submitted version 1.0 before Dan was happy. He will get his way soon 🙂

    4. Instructions are wrong

    Honestly we had no idea when the app would appear in the App Store. I wrote those instructions last week and need to update them. I had expected the app to hit the store next week and fixing the docs was on my todo list.

    5. Password generator?

    Coming soon.

    Just to recap, we wanted to get 1.x out the door ASAP to start enabling people to use it for taking their data with them. The features that we have to nail in 1.x are Syncing, Autofill, and Viewing/Using/Editing data. Things like password generators will be in the 2.x timeframe, and at the rate Roustem is moving this is likely not too far away 🙂


    –Dave Teare
    Co-author of 1Password

  3. Thanks David,

    Your post is very much appreciated by me and many others I am sure, and I am glad you have addressed my points here so my comments can be taken in context of the work in progress. I suspected that all of this was in the works for being fixed knowing how well the desktop version is always rock solid but did not want to make any assumptions in my post.

    I am sure this will end up as a shinning example of how to do an iPhone application just as the desktop continues to set the standards to which others should aim.

    Thanks for all the hard work it does not go unappreciated.

  4. I liked the name 1Pain 🙂

    I wonder what the app’s features could be? 😀

  5. I think it was the iPhone activation system on release day 😉

    Yeah I changed it, I felt it was unfair.

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