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I have been so impressed with Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro that I went ahead and brought it. It is not cheap but thanks to my NAPP membership I got it for $149.95. If you really want to bring your black and white images to life I would recommend at least giving the trial version a go.

No matter how hard I tried with Aperture, Lightroom and Camera Raw I just could not get the same tones that Silver Efex Pro can create. One very nice feature is the magic slider that somehow finds detail in the midtones, it really does make a difference.

My previous image used the trial version and as a 19×13 print I can tell you it has tones that make me smile everytime I see the print.

Rather than go on about it and show you images, just go to their site and watch the movies linked here.

Now if it would only cool down here a little more in Texas so I can go take lots more photos to use it on!

Oh and to make life even better they will be sending a free Pictorico GEKKO Inkjet paper sample pack to anyone that purchases before September 15th.


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