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Hmmmmm so I’ve seen the advert like so many others I’m sure. And I’m left wondering if this is what they left in what the hell did they leave out? It’s worse than Grandma’s old 16mm home movies, I mean seriously…that from an agency? It’s about as catchy as an IBM commercial….oh wait, maybe that’s the idea. We stop and think “Hey I remember those guys, didn’t they have something to do with computers in the 80’s or something?”

Microsoft….way to blow money, wanna buy some old rope from me? Oh you just did, never mind.

All the new advert does is continue to promote the image of Microsoft producing solutions for suit wearing drones with no sense of humor or anything interesting by way of personality while the rest of the world does something different 😉 namely move on into the current century. Let’s pat Seinfeld on the back for making a fast buck and not even having to write a funny line about it.

Seriously, worst thing to ever happen to Microsoft is Bill stepping aside and letting Balmer think he’s Job’s or Ellison and run the company further into the ground. Microsoft needs fresh blood and people with something interesting to say at the top or at the very least a vision of the future, step aside old guys and let the new people keep you’re retirement fund intact while you still have a chance.

I am sure there are plenty of these jokes out there already using Seinfeld lines, but maybe the tag line at the end of the Advert should be

“Vista…it’s an OS about nothing”


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