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What I really need still for my iPod/iPhone PDA to rule my life in one device.

1. BlueTooth, we need that external keyboard for serious typists, only seeing 2-3 lines of type is crazy for anything other than SMS. And headset dictation/ recording.

2. External storage option, SD would be nice just like my iPaq.

3. Unlike others I don’t want to see a bigger screen, the form factor is perfect. Anything bigger and we no longer fit it in the pocket or make it a no brainer to carry around.

4. Camera, I do actually believe there is a chance of this in the new revisions, unless Apple still really wants us to buy the phone and not the pod.

5. GPS, another thing that I think might actually sneak into the revisions due so very soon. But I’m still thinking they need to have things like this only on the phone to give people yet another reason to buy it over the iPod.

6. I still see no reason to get the iPhone for using as a phone, my Sony E. is doing just fine and is no problem to carry around with my iPod. And I don’t have to pay those crazy subscription prices AT&T want me to pay every month over my basic voice and SMS plan.

I do wonder if maybe AT&T has Apple over a barrel somewhat as to what they are allowed to put in the iPod, it seems to me that AT&T would go to great lengths to prevent them loosing unique features to keep bringing in that revenue whilst they have the exclusive contract.


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