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Take the X-Files, CSI where-ever, 24, any other popular program topic from the past 5 years, somehow attach it to homeland security, add a touch of secret government projects to it and slap a popular producer’s name on the credits and then finally let FOX make it and that’s what Fringe is.

Dreadful, I’ll be amazed if it lasts long enough to remember any of the casts names. But then again this is FOX and they’ll keep pumping money into promotion and have the FOX news programs talk about it every morning for the next month promoting the hell out of themselves just like American Idol and 24, and enough of their regular audience will keep watching it. Whatever happened to smart television and smart television viewers…



    • GL
    • Posted September 14, 2008 at 8:02 pm
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    Tried to watch the replay of the show 09-14-2008, terrible. At the end of the pilot show there’s a ‘preview’ of the ‘next’ fringe ‘show’ and some woman is just screaming. Great, it turned into the screaming show. That’s high-tech (sarcasm). And they’re re-inventing the wheel over and over again. The science-thriller concepts in these tv shows have been around already in blockbuster movies the past 30 years. Nothing new. Not bad casting but it’s overall drawn-out boring cheap dialog crap. Don’t watch it.

    • KB
    • Posted September 15, 2008 at 11:09 am
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    The worst thing about this show is the writing. The so called “love interest” between Mark Valley and whoever that Australian actress is that plays the lead role.

    The science isn’t even slightly close. Giving someone LSD so they can read someone else’s mind. Give me LSD and I’d probably tell you I can read the mind of the bird sitting on my porch.

    They take someone out of a secure mental facility just by the son signing him out (if that was truly possible then I’m surprised there aren’t hundreds or psychotic people walking around because their family missed them). While in the hospital he looked completely insane, but put him in a lab with dangerous drugs, needles and 20 year old equipment and all of a sudden he’s Einstein.

    The mad professors son has an IQ of 190, but acts more like a bad tempered teenager who can’t calculate his monthly expenses.

    Then of course you have the mysterious company with a secretary who has a robotic arm that looks like it came off the set of I Robot, and of course the Homeland Security agent who tries to recruit people to look for strange sceintific happenings that are easily explained – people in the show are taking LSD!

    I love sci-fi, when it’s well written, has a plot that could be believable and has good acting. This has none of those characteristics.

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