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1. The bar on the iPod screen now shows me how much space is taken up by applications.

2. The new album grid browsing is nice, I am going to try it for a while and see if it replaces the old top browser method of viewing.

3. It does feel faster, but maybe that’s just me hoping it is.

iTunes became my default entertainment manager when I first started using it and I see no reason to change it, every update has been reliable for me. And so far it has not reached the bloated status of nearly all the other entertainment software hubs out there.

In all I think it’s a solid upgrade just don’t ask me about the ‘Genius’, its primary goal is to increase iTunes store sales I’m sure. After all, don’t we already know what we like in the music we own?…Surely that’s why we own it and that doesn’t take a genius to figure out.


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