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Wow $599 for the upgrade from my Creative Suite 3, interesting to see how it sells when the economic climate is going to hell around the world…I won’t be rushing to the store that’s for sure. At this time everyone is doing all they can just to keep the money coming in with what they have especially the smaller designer outfits and solo people out there.

I think this is the first version of the suite where I really stop and ask myself if there is anything in there that really justifies the price tag. Beyond Flash version compatibility I don’t see a major reason why CS3 should be consigned to the shelf of never used again software boxes. And with the rise in decent web development applications I find myself using Dreamweaver less and less, and it’s slow speed due to all the bloat in it just makes me use it less. Although the CS4 Beta certainly was impressive, again it’s nothing I do not already do with TextMate, CSSEdit and Yummy FTP.

I have not looked over all the new features of the Apps yet because I couldn’t see past the price tag, but I’m going to have to really consider the value of CS4 over CS3 right now. With all the upgrades from the software houses coming out around the same time in the year you really have to start choosing the needs over the likes.


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