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The only two things I found interesting in today’s Apple announcements were the fact that the laptops now have glass over the screens and the new 24 inch display. I still say the new laptop designs look very Dell and not in keeping with the look that everyone expects from a MacBook Pro. In fact at a glance you would be hard pushed to tell the difference between the MacBook and the Pro line…some fan boys will cry at that :). I think the new designs are actually a step backwards by Apple with the excuse of saying the new build method means it’s a big step forward.

The dual GPU chips are an interesting way to deliver power and at the sametime retain decent battery longevity.

Glass covered screens
I actually think this is great, ever since I got the first look at my wife’s NEC LCD display that has glass over the front I’ve wanted one. If for no other reason because it’s super easy to clean and extremely hard to damage.

24 inch Display
The most interesting thing about the display announcement is the fact it now allows you to power your laptop from it, this is a big deal for any of us that have more things to plug in the wall than we do sockets. It also means that using the new cable you essentially have a dock without a dock. I am one of those people that hates to see cables, I may finally consider replacing my Samsung SyncMaster 213T display with one of these, currently I use it with my 20 inch iMac as a dual display, but my MacBook Pro has been wanting an external display for a long time, and the price point is exactly right.


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