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So I took the time to set-up all my usual lens on my 50D and tweak the Auto-Focus using the adjustments menu and I have to say it has made a big difference.

To be honest I did not think it would make enough of a difference that I’d notice or care, but it sure did. And finally my images are making me as tack happy as I was on my 30D. So if you have one and get the chance, try it, I think you will be surprised…

Update :-

To better explain what I mean, look at this tutorial here that I followed to ‘correct’ my 50D focusing.

Essentially you focus on a target by hand and then activate AF and watch to see if the camera moves the lens, if so then go into the 50D menu and look for C.FnIII:Autofocus/Drive which would be the last menu tab before the user menu.

In there under option 7 I chose ‘Adjust by lens’ and changed the settings until I got no movement on the lens from the AF using the method above. Then after shooting some shots I instantly noticed a big difference, especially when I was close to the subject.

Hope this update helps explain better.



    • Jeff Lynch
    • Posted October 23, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    • Permalink

    Hey Pete,

    Tell me more about how this feature works. How did you compare the autofocus response before and after setting up the lenses?

    Jeff Lynch
    Sugar Land, TX

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I updated my post to explain how I went about it, the tutorial on the link goes into more detail than is really needed for anyone just wanting to correct the problem, essentially you manual focus on a target with sharp lines or a grid at 45 degrees and correct in the 50D menu until the camera AF matches that done by eye.

    Hope it makes sense, let me know if more explanation is needed and I’ll be happy to provide. As far as comparing before and after I shot a couple of images on a tripod and left it all set up then went back to shoot again, I no longer have the images otherwise I’d post the examples.


  2. Hi,

    Nice tip and good article! I was looking for the same as I read in the Image Resoursing review and they explain the micro-adjustments in the lens. I also recommend to read the manual!!!

    Tiago Valente

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