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I have come across an application called MarcoPolo for OS-X (thanks to Mac Geek Gab podcast) that allows your machine to reconfigure various settings based on certain context rules you set up. This gets me a step closer to my dream of context computing that I wrote about in this post.

You can create actions that are triggered based on the rules below

* Current Audio Output device (headphones/internal speakers)
* Discoverable Bluetooth devices
* Advertised Bonjour (Zeroconf) services
* Attached FireWire devices
* Assigned IP addresses
* Ambient Light level
* Attached Monitors
* Active Network Links
* Power source (power adapter/battery)
* Running Applications
* Current Time Of Day
* Attached USB devices
* Visible WiFi networks

And work with the following to create the setup you want.

* Setting your default printer
* Changing your desktop background
* Enable or disable particular firewall rules
* Setting iChat status message
* Setting the default IMAP or SMTP server for
* Mounting network shares (smb://, afp://, etc.)
* Muting or Unmuting system audio
* Changing OS X network location
* Opening a file (an application, a document, etc.)
* Quit an application
* Enabling or disabling screen saver password
* Start/stop screen saver
* Changing screen saver idle timeout
* Running a shell script (or any other kind of script, via Platypus)
* Turning on or off Bluetooth
* Turning on or off WiFi (AirPort)
* Establish or disconnect VPN

I will be playing with this application and see how it works out for me.

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