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So the new firmware for iPod touch and iPhone is out. And whilst it is great that I can browse and download podcasts it’s also pretty useless right now?

1. I cannot subscribe to a new feed?
2. When I hit get more episodes on any of my current podcasts subscriptions it just sends me to the first page of the store?
3. When I do download a podcast is still appears in the list of episodes and even allows me to download it again??

Nice effort Apple, but pretty bloody useless unless I’m just not seeing where the above is in the ‘feature’?

Why not just call it the ‘ Browse and preview podcasts but never actually subscribe to them’ feature…

P.S. I have yet to be brave enough to upgrade my iPhone to 2.2, I’ll give it a day and see how many problems there are before I do anything. I learned that the hard way with 2.0.2 on the iPod.


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  1. It seems that you do get a list of the current podcast episodes when you click get more…but only when there are more to get.

    What I would like to see is the addition of a list of ALL my subscribed podcasts. When there are no episodes on the pod then you do not get the ‘get more button’ a flaw in the design I think.

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