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I was working thru the Apple support discussion forums today, they are excellent by the way!

I came across a thread on yup…Epson R1800 problems, and found this post, now take from it what you will and I’ve included a link to the entire thread, but at this point I go along with what appears to be the standard Epson response, the post is as follows

“I spoke to Epson tech support. He agent said Epson has no intention to resolve Leopard driver issues for printers other than Epson’s current models. When I rejected this position he said I need to “buy a new printer”. I agreed. And told him it would not be an Epson.”

The thread is here

I am not at all surprised if this is Epson’s stance, their support and customer treatment as been amazingly bad to everyone I have encountered with problems under Leopard.

Thanks Epson, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, I’m done with ya. Time to talk to Canon and HP, they have always been reliable for me.



  1. I am there with you!

    I was thankful that I found your blog and these posts… and that I was not losing my mind…. have tried everything to do the same tasks I was doing on my G4 in 10.3.9 … now in OSX10.5.5 this girl has bought her last EPSON printer ( and I have had more than a few over the years ) It is a sad parting – I have always had such good luck…. but now… after alllll this…..I love my new iMac – and I guess if I am forced to choose… I will choose my iMac and say ” Hello HP or Canon Photo printers!!!!! “

  2. I hear ya Mindy,

    Ya know, I would not of minded all the wasted ink, paper and time if they had at least told me they were aware of the problem and working on it.

    But their lack of response is their response to customers it seems. Many years of loyal customers do not mean a thing to Epson apparently. I can tell based on the stats for my blog that I have thousands of hits from search strings on all the popular search engines like “r1800 os-x dark printing” or “epson print problems on os-x”.

    So we are not crazy, we just refuse to let the issue slide under the digital carpet like Epson wants too apparently. Most distressing is the reports I hear of the new printers having the same problems.

    See ya at the HP or Canon store!

  3. I point you to this new post with a working solution that has been found

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