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I was asked how I created my One Photo a day page so here goes, the short version is I created a new page in WordPress and then grabbed the thumbnail code from Flickr for each image.

Now for the step by step.

1. Create a new page using your WordPress dashboard and then start editing it.


2. Open a new Window or tab in your browser (because there is a lot of copy and paste going to take place). And navigate to your flickr image(s) you want to add to the WordPress page you just created.

3. Choose the link to view all sizes of the image.


4. Choose the thumbnail size image.


5. Copy the code below the image to your clipboard (CTRL+C for Windows CMD+C for Mac).

Flickr Photo Download_ Day #63-1.jpg

6. Paste that code into the WordPress page you created but be sure you are editing in HTML mode. (CTRL+V for Windows CMD+V for Mac).


Note that in the image above I have highlighted the code for one image, to add more images just repeat the process above starting from step 2 and paste the code into the WordPress page right after the previous image (you can see some of the code in the darker area after the highlight.

And that is all there is to it, I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to help. The design might not be pretty but it sure is functional and easy to update when you want to put new images in the page.

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