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Blog name: Blind Eye Creative
Blog URL:
Content samples,
Creating Photoshop brushes
How to create a Favicon in Photoshop
A stairway to Photoshop heaven

A great Photoshopper with new content going up all the time.

Blog name: Pursuing Photoshop
Blog URL:
Content samples,
What does photo restoration mean to you?
How to install Photoshop brushes
Energy twirl tutorial

A whole bunch of Photoshop love to be found including textures, tutorials and brushes.

Blog name: Janinealogy
Blog URL:
Content samples,
Dirty little secrets
When I am real
Genea Tip: Locations

Amazing photo restoration artist and professional genealogist. So many great posts that are well worth reading.

Blog name: Design by Firgs
Blog URL:
Content samples,
Embracing the night owl
On the forth day of Christmas – Scan lines texture for download
On the ninth day of Christmas – Dots texture for download

Great textures to be had along with some wonderful posts.

Blog name: Canon Blogger
Blog URL:
Content samples,
Is film making a resurgance
Monday musings – reducing noise in your photos
Hot and cold lighting

Great photo posts, and hey…he shoots Canon what more can I say šŸ™‚

Blog name: Trifold Design
Blog URL:
After Effects + trapcode form ps3 fluid background
Some design examples

Great artist, designer, coder, friend. One of my favorite web designers but shhhh don’t tell him šŸ™‚

Blog name: Unqualified to blog
Blog URL:
Day 11 of 365 reflections
Day 7 of 365
Blackrapid strap

Another participant in the 365 photos (one a day) project, and off to a great start.



    • mitzs
    • Posted January 11, 2009 at 11:01 pm
    • Permalink

    Thank you Peter, I am honored and appreciate the mention!

    • blindeyecreative
    • Posted January 12, 2009 at 9:19 am
    • Permalink

    Thanks for the mention Peter. It is much appreciated. -Jon

    • Deborah
    • Posted January 12, 2009 at 10:18 am
    • Permalink

    Great list… I signed up to all of their feeds… hopefully I’ll learn lots! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Thanks, Peter! How nice!

    • Brandon
    • Posted December 14, 2009 at 2:34 pm
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    Awesome Blog thank you. After the Design and Development of the website comes SEO. If you would like to share a software that helps with off site seo reporting check out… EDIT…

    ….Blog Owner ( Peter )
    I leave part of this comment in because I want to make it clear to people…if you comment on my blog just to promote your site or service it will be deleted and visitors will never see it so don’t bother wasting your time.

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