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An iPhone shot today,

My new Canon VIXIA HF100 camcorder that will get some serious play time so I know all the little secrets to using it right.

Day #80



  1. Just came across your post — How do you like the HF100? I use the Canon HF100 to shoot my HD travel podcast – — and I’ve found it to be quick, easy-to-handle, and incredibly sharp, even under most low-light situations. I mostly shoot in 24p or 30p, Cine mode, auto WB, to get a soft feel for the images. If I may make a recommendation, if you’re shooting outdoors, the DM-100 stereo mic attachment is an awesome add-on – not only does it wipe out any wind noise, the audio is much richer than the on-board mic. Anywhoot, that’s my two cents. Hope you enjoy it! -Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have not had much time to play with it, but my initial response is ‘amazing camera’. I am really impressed with it, as you say when it comes to working with the camera it is quick and easy, the menu system is real easy to get around once you get used to it. I find transferring the video to be real simple on my Mac’s, my only complaint would be needing the power cord to connect the camera, not a big deal but is a pain if you are on a laptop and not near power points.

    So far I’ve been letting the camera take care of most things, I want to play with it more in low light but so far cinemode with 30p seems to really help there, auto WB is pretty good all things considered. I am going to get the microphone as the wind noise is always annoying and appreciate the recommendation to the DM-100.

    I am still getting used to the camera, and hope to get some stuff up on vimeo soon.

    Thanks for the comments, most appreciated.

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