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As I have said before, I was a huge Lost fan, the first 3 series are easily some of the best TV ever. But I am so tired of each week getting more and more ridiculous. For a while I told myself it will all come together, but once we started with the time travel I knew Houston had a problem. I am not going to reveal anything in case someone reading has not seen the latest episodes.

Each week now they can do anything they like and it doesn’t have to make any sense…because we don’t know when it’s taking place in time. Hell next week we could have a Dinosaur attacking the pirate ship in the forest for all the meaning it would add to the story.

J.J. maybe you need to go back and see where the train left the tracks, or are you are too busy with the StarTrek franchise to keep an eye on your Lost producers and writers. My prediction is it will be cancelled before they reach the end of series 6 (which if I recall was the end of it all).


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