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Atebits has released version 1.0 of Tweetie desktop for the Mac. Though no documentation means using through discovery something you would not expect if paying for. Selling for $15 or free via ad support I think the application has lots of potential and is probably worth the money, but the features are not all that amazing compared to other applications (and free I might add). TweetDeck still appears to be the front runner, although as I say Tweetie shows lots of potential and I’m impressed with it, currently I use EventBox and TweetDeck the most.

Will I buy it? Well maybe, but it needs to learn some things from other applications, like simply hiding or making very obvious old/read tweets compared to new ones and it needs documentation however simple. URL shortening service options whilst writing tweet rather than just in preferences? Save searches for things like hash tags?

The more you hide UI the more you need to tell people where to find it, for example it could well have way more features than I’m finding through just clicking and right clicking on everything but how would I know?

Find Tweetie for Mac here


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