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So I went to see StarTrek and really felt it did not live up to the hype…

1. Far too much lens flare everywhere all the time.

2. Is it at all possible for J.J. Abrams to make anything that does not have some time travel in it?

3. re. #2 it was like watching one very long Lost episode where contrived time travel tries to get the story back on track and make sense.

4. Spock and Uhura kissing…c’mon seriously? Are you kidding me!

5. Did I mention yet more time travel from J.J?

6. Old Spock & new Spock in the same time and space, yeah right.

7. Considering the movie was supposed to be about Kirk & Spock we went from baby to adult in the space of about 15 minutes.

8. Ice planet, monster..why? Other than because it gave the chance to put yet more CGI in it had nothing to do with the story. Well at least it did not have lens flare. I guess it was the only way they could think to put old Spock in the plot?

9. I think he actually managed to get every classic StarTrek line in the movie from every character.

I really wanted to like the movie but in the end it just got boring, and I loved the other StarTrek movies. Still at least it was not as stupid as Cloverfield.


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