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Based on what I’m hearing AT&T is looking like a major fail on the new iPhone stuff that they won’t be supporting at the launch of 3.0. So in other words our expensive hardware that we can only use on AT&T in America will in fact have features that we won’t be able to use until the end of the summer…how can Apple not talk with people like Verizon now? If Steve was in the office I’m betting he’d be skinning AT&T employees and the CEO about now.

It’s not like AT&T has not made any $ this year to put back into the network.

I find it somehow fitting that a lot of the demo’s at WWDC failed today, it tells the story of a very boring keynote and lack luster keynote.

On the bright side though, lots of new laptops that look and sound pretty cool.

I hope WWDC gets back to what it should be….about developers and development not Apple promo’s that we have already seen back in March.

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