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OmniFocus for the iPhone and iPod touch are on the way and should be appearing in the iTunes store sometime today according to this blog post.
Here are the highlights, but go read the post by Ken Case!

OmniFocus v1.5 requires iPhone OS 3.0, taking advantage of many of its new features such as Copy and Paste and integrated Maps.

OmniFocus now displays nearby contexts using a map. Touch a pin to see all the tasks in the corresponding context.

You can Cut, Copy, and Paste entire actions by holding down a checkbox in an action list. You can paste into an empty list by holding the “No Actions” text.

You can search through all your projects and actions using the new Search screen.

In Projects and Contexts screens, you can select All Actions to show a grouped list of all actions.

You can set up repeating actions and projects using the new Repeat screen.

Action lists now display each action’s due date.

Web links in notes now open inside OmniFocus (rather than launching Safari).

Send Feedback now sends email inside OmniFocus (rather than launching Mail).

We’ve added experimental support for landscape mode and undo; both can be enabled under Settings.


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